177+ Best Baptism Wishes !

Best Baptism Wishes !

Baptism is a special day for a Christian since it signifies someone's willingness to accept Jesus. After a child, whether a baby girl or a baby boy, is born their parents will prepare a Christening ceremony for their little one. Baptisms can also be done on young children. On this Christening day, extended family members and friends are invited to celebrate the first milestone of the child's spiritual journey to praise the Lord. That day, the child is poured with best wishes, congratulations, and lots of love. This article will guide you to write congratulation messages on baptism day so you can say congratulations to the child and the people in the house.

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Baptism Card Messages

One way to celebrate someone's life in Christ is by having a Christening. Here, people will come to this special life event to witness the child's family making promises to God that they will forever be His servants. The guest will normally say congratulations on your baptism to the child along with prayers that God will always put the loved one in His hands. However, you can write more creative messages to express your love to the child and the family.

What to Write on a Baptism Card

On a baptism card message, you can remind someone about the importance of Christening. Congratulations are said once the vicar and the priest baptize you with water. It means that throughout your life, you will keep your promise to serve the kingdom of God. Your faith journey in God's love starts at this moment. Therefore, it is best to write baptism messages on this baptism day by quoting a bible verse, Psalm 91: 11, "Because the Lord give His angel charge over you, to keep you in all your ways." It means that on Christening day, may the Lord gives protection and the child baptized will be saved.

Another idea of christening messages to write in a baptism ceremony is to wish for love, peace, and joy to the child, parents, and family. The baby boy or baby girl is baptized into one body, namely the body of the Holy Spirit. Don't forget to draw a cross since this the symbol of Christening. Then, write congratulations to the baby because he/she is a true Christian now. On the bottom of the card, give the best baptism message for the baby's mom and dad because when someone believes and is baptized, a voice came from heaven saying that the Holy Ghost has brought him/her wings like a dove to guide him/her life on His way.

Christening Messages

On baptism day, a Christian name is usually given. So, it is best to find out the name of the baptized child from the child's parent. You can have the name engraved on a bracelet or a pendant as a gift to the child on this special occasion. The Christening card can contain something that upholds Christianity faith since the kid is baptized with the holy spirit and fire as stated in Mathew 3: 11.

Another congratulations idea is to compare the special occasion with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Baptism is like a marking of a new life. May the One Spirit always fill the child's life with faith, love, and joy after the christening baptism. May God bless the kid's soul with His Grace during his/her spiritual journey.

God Bless Messages

Coming to the baptism occasion, you need more than just a gift. Because it is a moment of faith, you have to recite prayers to the baptized kid. Since baptism is the child's spiritual journey, may God shower him/her with his Grace. May the Lord give His blessings to the kid. Although the statement sounds cliche, it means everything to the child. The god bless messages will elevate the child and the family's faith in God abundantly.

Godparent Baptism Wishes

The baptism event is not only a happy moment for the child's family. It also a joyous moment for the child's godparent. If you are a godmother of a beautiful baby girl or boy, you must be the lucky one since you put love on the top of the menu. You will receive a lot of congratulations from the guests, but you also have to write your special wishes for your godchild. This message should highlight your delight to be the chosen one. State in the wishes card that you have become a part of your godchild's future. May God's love strengthen the relationship between you two starting from the baptism day until forever.

Those are ideas for writing Christening messages that will improve the spiritual life of those involved in the occasion. Let every Christening event become a reminder of our faith in the Holy Spirit and the baptism card messages display our love to the baptized child and Christ.

Baptism Wishes !

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